The Institute is a multiday retreat for teachers and school administrators from a number of schools. This year participants include Bronx, New York City school districts, Amityville Union Free School District and the Southeast Delco school district in Pennsylvania. Over 2.5 days, participants will work in teams consisting of both live and remote users to examine selected issues confronting schools in the midst of recovering from a pandemic, using the lens of digital technologies, and searching for meaningful ways to address the issues in our own practice to support our students and their families. 

Augmented Reality Art Class "We Make the Road by Walking" led by KIMI KAA, participants live and remotely create paintings beginning with any line, draw an object that makes you feel safe using a limited palette based from the music Glades, Zac Burns, mixed live. Nearing the end of the painting experience participants were asked, "How does your community fit in your painting?" 

This prompt created the next step to Augmented Reality (AR) Design, creating designs in Adobe Illustrator Draw and export files to Adobe Aero to create an AR Classroom anchored to paintings. 

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