KIMI KAA was launched in July of 2003 by portrait artist Kristine Keller

KIMI KAA captivates the beauty of color mixture in separation of time and space. They have a great interest in community and the reflections they create. The fragmented moments shared. Emotions in between spaces, shattered and carried throughout our lives. To notice, to make an account, drives them. 
Diving into these shapes and juxtaposition help push between the paint, their subject and experience.

KIMI KAA was born as Kristine Keller in Maryland on a Sunday. They were named after their grandmother pictured.
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detail of Maxwell Roach

Insight Magazine 'Paradise' 2019
Paradise is showing oneself to the world without fear and being met with the warmth of love and acceptance. Paradise is the bliss of contentment. It is flotation and hammock. Water we can see through, that dapples peacefully on the ocean floor. Paradise is allowing ourselves to feel the ecstasy of joy. Paradise is greeting the day knowing we are loved. It is enthusiasm for today and tomorrow. It is a place we create for ourselves within our minds, hearts and spirits. Paradise is what we make of it.

Rendering Likeness Volume 2
May 31 -  June 24, 2019 
La Bodega Gallery 
Brooklyn, NY

Jazz in the City
November 2018 -  May 2019 
New York, NY

Double Decker Show
September 2018 
The Greenpoint Gallery
Brooklyn, NY

6th Annual Black Artstory Month, SANKOFA: GO BACK AND GET IT
February 2018
Brooklyn, NY

Group Show: Bronx-based Artists
November 19 -  December 16, 2017 
Bronx, NY

October 2017
Diaspora Community Services
Brooklyn, NY

Jazz in the City
June 13 -  July 8, 2017 
ArtSpace Herndon
Herndon, VA