Interdisciplinary arts educator, Kristine Keller specializes in multimedia community-activated murals, augmented reality, and play design installation. She have a great interest in relationships and the colors they create. The fragmented moments they share. The emotions in-between spaces, shattered and carried throughout our lives. To notice, to make an account drives her. 
These paintings are about the pleasures of being aware of the world around her and telling these stories from many angles interchanging identity. Diving into these juxtapositions pushes between the paint, her subject, and their experience. Keller’s unapologetic scale explores these narratives with an expanding futuristic grasp of shape, color, and process defines these public art spaces for the community to claim, triumph and share. 
Keller was born in Maryland and currently lives and works in New York. Her work is included in collections around the world, including the University of Michigan, Sullivan Gallery, and Lucky Alley, San Francisco.
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