"Kristine created a beautiful painting for the Spectrum Center. We wanted to feature some abstract art that would capture the energy of our work and the Spectrum Center it was a bonus that she was also an alum with a personal connection to our office and we got exactly that. She combined several pictures in a layering technique that was meaningful to her around protesting Prop 8 in California and finding comfort within the LGBT community. We have displayed the 4'x4' painting in our office for a few months: people constantly stop to look at it, but almost everyone sees something different. We love what the painting brings to our space."  
-University of Michigan Spectrum Center
> Drop her a line at kimikaedition@gmail.com
About: Kristine "Kimikaa" Keller is a proper painter, screenprinter, and teacher; born on the east coast and raised in Michigan. After studying  at the University of Michigan with a focus in painting, Kimikaa moved west. From 2008 – 2012 she has worked with San Francisco Lines Ballet and dancers as well as creating murals with Precita Eyes Muralists. Recently returning to New York while splitting time in Chicago to start Tree House Studio Collective and collaborate with youth creating community and commercial murals.
Her favorite subject is the human expression through movement, Kimikaa brings her love for her art to every project with paint storms.   Kimikaa’s expertise lies in collaborating movement, cutting hair, travel, drinking the best coffee, and working with an age to create.  She is also very good at making anyone feel comfortable to create.
Past collaborators use adjectives like wholehearted, professional, vibrant, and ambitious to describe Kimikaa.  From studio jobs to youth murals, from corporate clients to grass-roots causes, music or wine, from Midwest to the Bay and back to the East Coast, always with a smile and with love.
Thank you!
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