100 Years of Serving Youth

100 Years of Serving Youth, 2012 8’ x 25’ LOCATION: Chinatown YMCA, 855 Sacramento St, San Francisco, CA This mosaic focuses on the strength of the Chinatown YMCA through its community and history. It aims to unite the past and present while also representing what the YMCA means to its members. The activities and programs that bring people together are a focus as well as nature and San Francisco's Chinatown. The right of the mosaic represents the gold mountain "Gum San" and Chinatown with the old YMCA building. The California mountains over look the bay where there is a steamship bringing immigrants from China. The view of Chinatown looks down from the top of Sacramento Street all the way to the bay bridge. There are specific landmarks like the Old St Mary's Church, the Transamerica Building, the Clarion Music School, and the Chinese Park across from the YMCA. In the street is the yellow school bus taking members of the YMCA to camp. Framing the mosaic is the YMCA main gate. The left of the mosaic is framed by a tree that opens up to a Chinese landscape with a Chinese junk with the surnames of different families who have immigrated here on the sails. Below the Chinese mountains is the ocean that flows into a river that leads into a camp scene with children. The children sitting by the river are each wearing a different color rag to represent the different challenges for personal, and spiritual growth. In the center of the mosaic are people arm in arm united by a rainbow and campfire. In the rainbow it depicts the YMCA principles of Spirit, Mind, and Body in English and Chinese. In each ray of the rainbow there represents a different part of the YMCA that correlates with Spirit, Mind and Body. Underneath Spirit, it depicts raggers, and the crab feast, which represents the spirit of family and community. Underneath Mind there is reading, art/ music. And under Body there is hiking, sports and swimming. Each person depicted also represents the members of the YMCA from children, young adults, adults and elders. The campfire in the center shines light on the people and is symbolic of the memories that many people have of Y camp growing up. The people arm and arm also gives a sense that the YMCA is a place to be a part of and where all are welcome.

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